Aaaaaaand I’m back sort of.

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve worked on this site at all. I do quite regret letting it just sit and gather dust but I can’t go back in time like some people can ūüėČ I’ll be working on the site as much as I can as well. Anyways I’ve got myself a personal url and I’ll be doing a lot of fixing and what not on the site so if there are any problems please let me know so I can fix them as soon as I can. Hope you like the site.

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New chapter and site improvements!

Alright I guess I should start using these posts. Anyways I managed to somehow finish another chapter. Woo! Also I’ve been trying to improve my site layout/organization.¬†A major improvement I have added is chapter anchors which will now allow me to have a chapter index allow anyone to easily get back to a chapter they left off with. This required a bit of coding so please let me know if anything on the pages are messed up. Thanks for stopping by.


New Chapter Here

Chapter Index Here

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Site revitalization in progress.

We are currently migrating our data to here. Feel free to visit any of the pages on the right.

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A Rough History of Crimson Fatality

This is Currently outdated please visit the up to date story via the link on the right.




Jessica Loxley was born in Orr in 1058AE to a prosperous family. She had an older sister she was very close and looked up to named Aiyana. 1071AE her parents sensing impending doom send her and her sister to flee orr and head to Kryta, however, during Jessica and Aiyana’s attempt to flee they were caught by charr where Aiyana sacrificed herself for her younger sister to escape. Jessica eventually makes it to Kryta and is forced to live on the streets of Lion’s Arch. She was taken at the age of 14 by the asura in 1072AE while¬†foraging¬†around Kessex Peaks. In the asura effort to learn more about all races on the surface she was¬†studied¬†and later experimented on by the relatively new Inquest Meta-Krewe. During this time the Inquest found anomalies with Jessica and that she was different than other humans they experimented on and found she survived through many experiments that almost all of their test subjects do not survive. The Inquest decided to try an experiment on her that at the time was at 100% mortality rate for all species of Tyria. The experiment was to¬†instill¬†immortality thus preventing aging as well to the test subject through the replacement of regular bodily fluids with¬†bio-mechanical¬†fluids as well as the use of magic. While a success the participant could still die from mortal wounds (ex. stabbed in the heart or severed head). Jessica showed a high proficiency in the arcane arts and was trained as a mesmer(even though being a follower of Balthazar) during her healing period after the immortality experiment. Becoming more and more entangled the Inquest Jessica was being treated more and more as one of them even though Inquest are solely comprised of asura. At the time she did not know that the Inquest were turning her into a weapon for their own personal use, coined by the name of Crimson Fatality among the inner council of the Inquest due to her red hair and choice of clothing. During 1078AE The Great Destroyer rose threatening the Asura, in an attempt to subdue and control the destroyer the Inquest ordered Crimson Fatality to help them try to subdue him yet she refused telling them they were foolish to believe they could simply overthrow a dragon’s control of its champion with their lack of knowledge. The Inquest, knowing they couldn’t fight both the destroyer and their own creation at the same time let her flea without a fight and they fled as well to the surface along with the rest of the asuran race. Jessica¬†returns¬†to her previous life on the streets of Lion’s Arch where she gets in trouble with the shining blade under Salma’s rule due to her thievery not only of regular goods but also of royal weapons. After many failed attempts of catching Crimson, Salma orders the shining blade to deliver a message to the unknown rogue¬†terrorizing¬†her royal guard and¬†thieving¬†from the streets of Lion’s Arch. Crimson gets confronted by the shining blade during one of her cache raids and is given a message that Queen Salma wishes to meet her face to face in her royal throne room. Crimson¬†accepts¬†and meets the Queen in her throne room guarded that day by 100 of the shining blade’s finest. Queen Salma offers Crimson an opportunity to work for her as a personal agent in exchange for lifetime royal annuity for funding whatever she wishes. Crimson accepts this offer and officially becomes an agent of Queen Salma. For many years Crimson helps with the unification of Kryta in 1088AE and throughout Salma’s rule until 1162AE where on Queen Salma’s death bed she was released from official service to the royal family. While being released from royal services Crimson still offers her help when the royal family is in a time of need. In her now free time Crimson forms the New Inquest Order[NIO] in 1165AE with her annuity still¬†received¬†from the royal family. While this new organization is very similar to the original Asuran Inquest she aims for it to fix many of the flaws she encountered earlier on in her life during her interactions, mainly the lack of a wide knowledge pool where the original Inquest insist in noninterference from outsiders. Crimson being the way she was still tried to offer a truce and a freedom of knowledge pact with the Inquest, however, negotiations did not end well and caused the death of 3 Inquest council members as well as various other members. This caused killing on sight protocols for both parties. While NIO is very small they have¬†acquired¬†a vast amount of knowledge from all across Tyria and offer military assistance to the royal family when required as well as other races, such as their first operation helping the norn and holding off Jormag’s forces as they flee to the south. For the next 160 years NIO is solely lead by Crimson Fatality making advancements and discoveries, however loses all of its¬†members¬†fighting the constantly awaking dragons and their minions. Currently Crimson is the only surviving member.

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