Crimson Shards

Crimson Shards


Chapter 1: From the Darkness

Olivia Sato was shoved forward onto her knees as she was forced to move along with the group. While she was approximately the same age as the group at seventeen she wasn’t a student of Kemora Academy as they were. The parents of the students she was following essentially owned her as they had bought her family’s debt and by law meant that she must serve the family until which time they feel the debt had been repaid.

The group she had to serve was comprised of four leading members. Aiden the main leader is from an ancient human-demigod bloodline which fuels his bravado and arrogance. Kaylin is of pure elven blood and acts as if she had every answer.

“Aiden, how much further do we have? I sense the prowler scouts closing in on us.” Kaylin said with her silky voice

“We aren’t far, let those damn dog scouts come. We’ll be gone before their main forces arrive. Get our useless mule moving.”


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