Crimson Shards


The world of Kalithrea was once peaceful, all manner life living together, from Angels and Demons to Goblins and Trolls, and of course Humans. That is until ten thousand years ago when magic began to leak into the world. At first, the beings of Kalithrea harnessed magic for good. Advancing their races and improving the world until corrupt magic also began to leak into the world. This magic spread like a plague, poisoning the inhabitants of Kalithrea. This corrupted magic amplified anger, rage and distrust among the races. A power struggle began between those who supported magic and those who supported the more powerful and potent corrupt magic and war broke out. Those who supported the corrupt magic grew ever more hungry for power as the war raged on and sought ways of obtaining more.

The Demon race along with the Goblin race spearheaded a project to create a super weapon to harnesses the raw power of corrupt magic. This would, in their eyes, allow them to win the war that at the time had been raging on for a decade. Little did they know the Angels, Elves, Dwarves, Giants and Humans devised their own weapon to harness magic.

When the turning point battle began, with all forces present, both sides deployed their weapons. Little did anyone know the effect of the two weapons and such high concentrations of magic caused a massive dimensional portal to open. Out of it poured creatures made of pure corrupt magic. Only their silhouettes were visible which looked like black malachite in all manner of shapes. The battlefield fell silent as the creatures poured out of the portal. Before either side knew it the creatures began to devour and convert anyone they came into contact with. All chaos ensued and boths sides of the war no longer had to fight each other but for their very existance.

The Corrupted, as they were later called, were relentless and many types of magic and physical attacks didn’t even affect them. Only the strongest were able to fend off the initial wave, the weaker being slaughtered or converted to more Corrupted. It was only a few minutes but the forces on the battlefield on both sides were devastated from the outrush of Corrupted that poured from the portal and began to spread across the world.

Those that survived the initial attack began to gather themselves and rally their forces and the ominous portal loomed over them. The forces from both sides of the war surrounded the portal as their leaders gathered to discuss a strategy for dealing with the portals. Before they could devise a strategy noises began to eminate from the portal once more followed by another wave of Corrupted.

As the remaining forces braced themselves to engage with the second incoming Corrupted wave a brilliant pillar of crimson red light came from the sky

Chapter 1: From the Darkness

Olivia Sato was shoved forward onto her knees as she was forced to move along with the group. While she was approximately the same age as the group at seventeen she wasn’t a student of Kemora Academy as they were. The parents of the students she was following essentially owned her as they had bought her family’s debt and by law meant that she must serve the family until which time they feel the debt had been repaid.

The group she had to serve was comprised of four leading members. Aiden the main leader is from an ancient human-demigod bloodline which fuels his bravado and arrogance. Kaylin is of pure elven blood and acts as if she had every answer.

“Aiden, how much further do we have? I sense the prowler scouts closing in on us.” Kaylin said with her silky voice

“We aren’t far, let those damn dog scouts come. We’ll be gone before their main forces arrive. Get our useless mule moving.”


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