Cassandra Ryzen – Secondary main character

Ayva Ryzen – Cassandra’s adoptive sister/protector

Serena Skyfall – Main character

Ephion – Demon

Martin – Human – Historian buff and works at Orisstin Academy as a mentor

Dragoth – Former king of the demons.

Xoana – Former goddess and leader of the gods.

Yedral – Former elder of the dwarves.

Rurik – Headmaster of Orisstin Academy



Orisstin – Home city of Cassandra and Ayva

Kemora – Largest city on Ecluna.

Ecluna – Name of the planet.

Kemora Academy – One of Ecluna’s most prestigious academy it is said with their “limitless resources of information, kreeds and talented powerful members not even governments could touch them”.

Wasteland – The portion of land still affected by the aftermath of the apocalypse so much so that the land can still not support life.



Kreed(s) – The currency of Ecluna.

Human – Their lifespan is typically a century with old age onsetting in their sixties. Their population is the largest of all races reaching just over the one billion mark.

God – A god looks just like most humans but generally have white or blonde hair with blue, brown, green or hazel eyes. They have a relatively small population only in the few thousands at times. Their power scale and abilities far surpass that of other races and is only matched by demons. This allows them to perform feats and actions at a level other races are unable to reach. Their lifespan is typically a few thousand years with some reaching the six thousand year mark, old age usually starts at the end of their third millennia.

Demon – A demon’s looks can range anywhere from almost fully human with only a few demon or animal-like features to full demon looking also known as purebloods who generally have black or dark grey scaly skin are very muscular and have large head horns as well as other bone like protrusions. Their society is mainly based on looks with the more pureblood looking demons usually being stronger and therefore higher class than those that look more human. Pureblood demons lack any empathy for creatures and races other than their own and even the most human-like demons have problems with empathy. This causes demons to be disconnected from society as a whole with other races and makes demons one of the most feared races with their power scale being on par with gods. Demons have a similar lifespan to gods but have a much later onset of old age allowing them to be active throughout more of their lifespan.

Elves – Elves are human like but are always of slender build with generally fair skin and light colored hair. While they are usually slightly taller than humans they can be easily distinguished by their sharp facial features and pointed ears. Their lifespan is that of a few hundred years and are as strong as humans but usually more powerful in terms of magic power.

Orcs – Generally found in the forests they have a social structure similar to that of the Demons where the strongest usually have higher social standing. Where it differs is that orcs have no distinguishable signs of strength or magic power so you can often find lesser known orcs challenging each other for social standing. They can be found with green or orange skin and can have oversized teeth akin to tusks. Their lifespan is similar to Elves at a few hundred years.

Giants – One of the least populated races aside from Synthetics. Giant’s are as their name implies giant. Their average height is eleven feet with a physical strength to match their magic ability is very minor which they overcome with pure strength.

Dwarves – Dwarves are relatively short at about four feet and have stout broad bodies. They are a race of the earth and can spend more than half their lives underground. They are also the most skill forgers in Ecluna.

Synthetics – A new race to Ecluna, they were created by the scientific and magic advancements of the Gods, Humans, Elves and Dwarves and were the attempt at the next evolution for the races with varying degrees of success. Currently, they are only human in appearance but they are not limited to. They are a combination of organic and inorganic materials forged together and given life with the help of magic. There are currently only a handful of Synthetics all of which are in various Academies for further study.

Magic – Magic is still quite an unknown in Ecluna but is always being studied by scholars. It has been theorized that it is a form of energy on another dimensional plane known as the magical dimension which is interlinked with the physical dimension thus allowing it to be used and manipulated in the physical dimension. As a side effect, usage of this magic energy usually causes emission of a specific color of light tied to the type of magic used along with physical and mental fatigue from extensive usage. Also, being tied to the physical dimension some places may have a concentration or absence of certain types of magic. There are several forms of magic anywhere from necromancy to fortification magic, however, a magic wielder can usually only wield one or two types of magic that they are attuned to in the magical plane. It is very difficult and often impossible for a wielder to change from one type of magic to another.

Origin Magic – Of all types of magic, wielders of origin magic are the rarest partially due in part that its potency is thousands of times more than other magic often times killing the wielder or decreasing their lifespan substantially. Its rarity is also believed to be due to the fact that it is the origin of all magic as its name implies. Light emitted from the purest use of origin magic has a distinct crimson red hue however as it is the origin of magic it can be used as other forms of magic emitting their representative hues.

Wielder – A being capable of using magic. It’s very uncommon for a wielder to use more than 2 types of magic or change from one type to another as they become “attuned” to a specific type of magic in the magical dimension. A wielder can train their abilities in several ways, most commonly physically, mentally, magically or a combination. When a wielder trains physically they not only train their body for continued use of magic they also increase their capacity of magic. Training mentally allows a wielder more efficient use of the magic at their disposal and training magically allows a wielder to use more potent concentrated magic.

Purity Crystal – Crystal that identifies and helps locate sihrili.

Sihrili – Creatures made of pure magic which cause havoc all across Ecluna by trying to deplete the magic they are made of. They come in various different forms and magic power levels, are generally colored the same hue as their corresponding magic type and seem to have no thought or communication processes. It is believed that they “leak” into the physical dimension from the magical dimension sometimes assisted by a powerful wielder which has been declared illegal by leaders of all races due to the dangers Sihrili present. The magic that a Sihrili is comprised of can be contained by entrapping the Sihrili which can then be used by a wielder of the corresponding magic to boost their power for a short time which often has negative effects. While summoning a Sihrili is illegal, entrapping and using the entrapped magic is not which is why many risk summoning them anyways trying to make “easy money”.

Asima – An Asima is similar to a Sihrili being made of pure magic the difference being an Asima is made purely of Origin Magic, has a cognitive thought process and the ability to consume magic almost like food. There has only been one known Asima, Serena Skyfall.

Itos – Humanoid birds capable of limited human speech. Their arms are wings but walk upright like humans.


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