Serena Skyfall

Serena Skyfall is a young looking woman with pale skin, knee-length crimson red hair and crimson red eyes. She has a tall slender voluptuous figure accentuated by large black feathered wings that reach to the floor. Her most common outfit is a skin-tight mini dress made of small metallic looking red and black scales forged from magic with black silk textured panties. Along with a black metallic crown also forged from magic forming of thin strands of metal wrapping around and atop her head with small spikes on the top portion. She is an ancient being consisting of pure magic granting her a host of special abilities such as immense endurance, durability, and reflexes, as well as immortality. She is also able to turn magic into physical matter creating anything from inanimate objects such as weapons and armor to living things. Due to this ability, she was once regarded as a God of Gods, until the day those envious and fearful of her power and abilities tried to defeat her but failed and caused shards of her magic to spread across the land.

Character Bio

Character’s full name: Serena Skyfall the Crimson Shards
Character’s actual name: Serena
Race: Magic Energy
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual(prefers females)
Nicknames(in order most used to least): Crimson, Crim
Birthdate: Unknown

Physical Appearance
Age: 10000 years
How old does he/she appear: 21
Weight: 243 lbs Observable
Height: 6’5”
Blood Type: Arayntsyen, meaning absorption.
Measurements: 36-26-36 in
Bust/Bicep Size: 36F
Body build: Toned with an hourglass figure.
Shape of face: Oval
Eye color: Red
Glasses or contacts: None
Skin tone: Pale
Distinguishing marks if any: None
Predominant features: Shimmering red eyes, Crimson red hair, Black feathered wings
Hair color: Dark Crimson Red
Type of hair: Thin, Straight, Soft
Hairstyle: Long straight knee length
Voice: Sultry
Overall attractiveness: Very attractive.
Physical disabilities: None
Usual fashion of dress: Skin tight mini dress created from magic forming small metallic looking black and red scales and shiny black feathers
Favorite outfit: See above.
Jewelry or accessories: A black metallic crown created from magic forming of thin strands of metal wrapping around and atop her head with small spikes on the top portion.

Good personality traits: Cares deeply for those close to her
Bad personality traits: Can care too much about others putting herself in danger.
Mood character is most often in: Content but doubtful of herself.
Sense of humor: Awkward

Color: Red
Food: Raspberry cheesecake
Drink: Water, Raspberry wine
Perfume: Fresh Raspberry
Smell(on others): Mint, Honey Melon or Raspberry
Smell(environment): Fresh Meadow

Least Favorites
Color: Grey
Food: Anything bitter
Drink: Beer
Perfume: Musk
Smell(on others): Musk or body odor
Smell(environment): Swampy


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